This episode was a bit of a "turn the tables" one, as Kiah Haslett is an accomplished and energetic journalist who covers the banking industry. She's done so for 10 years, and you can find her at Bank Director, where she's Managing Editor. Kiah has covered the full spectrum of banking from policy, strategy, trends, technology and M&A. She has a unique vantage point for what’s happening in banking and bank technology, and we covered a lot of ground in this conversation.

Listen as we discuss topics like "what is a bank (really)?"; "what do banks do (really)?" & "how do banks make money?"; and what's ahead for banks and rapid digital transformation in the industry. She calls on bankers to be far more curious than they tend to be, as a way to help them evolve.

She also has a fun origin story of how a game introduced her to money, ownership and even M&A.

Find Kiah here or here.

Learn more about BankTech Ventures here.


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