Cat Berman and I met several years ago, so it was fun to finally have a recorded conversation. She is inspiring in her leadership of CNote and bringing more impact to the financial services world through the products that they offer.

Community financial institutions have impact in their communities. It's central to who they are as businesses. They engage and support the people where they are based. CNote works with them to get credit for the lending and banking they do in their communities, which is often ignored by larger financial institutions and even the broader market.

This was so evident during PPP, where community banks all over the country rallied to support their local businesses, delivering twice as much support volume than their market share for financial services. 

Enjoy a passionate entrepreneur and her mission to drive more impact. It was a fun conversation and we're excited (at BankTech Ventures) to be on the journey with her and her team. 

And thanks to BankTech Ventures for sponsoring.

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