I’m excited to bring back the podcast with Alice Frazier, CEO of Bank of Charles Town (BCT).  Alice is one of the most progressive leaders in community banking, and leads her bank that way. She’s active with the ICBA as its current Chair of the Policy Development Committee,  and previously served as Secretary,. She is also active in her state with the Community Bankers of West Virginia and  Virginia Association of Community Banks, where she is a past Chairperson.

We had a great discussion about her bank, the last 2 years of challenges and opportunities, how her bank has adapted and thrived, and how she's planning for the next seasons for it.  We also discussed her leading role in investing in BankTech Ventures, a new fund in which I'm involved.

The episode is also sponsored by BankTech Ventures, the first strategic investment fund designed by the community banking industry for community bank innovation and investment. BankTech identifies leading products and technologies for community banks, and works with the founders and management teams to maximize the impact for community banks and their businesses. If you’re a bank looking to innovate and invest in the future, or a founder who wants to work with community banks, reach out to BankTech Ventures – banktechventures.com

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