Zach Silverman joined me on the podcast to discuss his background and interest in helping more people understand and be inspired to invest in private companies.  He started a group, Educated Investors, during Covid, and it's quickly grown into a vibrant online community of investors.   Zach and his father invested in an emerging VC firm, RareBreed Ventures, headed by Mac Conwell, who's been a force of nature on Twitter and in the world of emerging VC managers!

Zach and I initially connected on Twitter, one of the silver linings of the last year, and I’ve had a great time in his group so far.  Zach also has a passion for diversity and inclusion in the startup and investing community, and we talked about it quite a bit in this episode.

I'm confident that Zach will inspire a whole new generation of investors to participate in the startup world and assist the many amazing founders, and innovations they're building, to become more successful.

Thanks also to show sponsor, Collective Genius, and their work to help venture-backed companies build unstoppable teams.  Reach out to me if you want to meet Jeff and team there.


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