Tommy Tallarico is CEO & President of Intellivision Entertainment, a name many of you may recall from a prior era. 40 years ago it was a household name as a pioneer in the video game industry. Tommy and team have built on its legacy to bring back its simple, affordable family-focused games and entertainment.  They are launching under the Amico name, which means "friend" in Italian.

Tommy has over 30 years of gaming industry experience in virtually every role – designer, producer, writer and even head of music and video.  He’s also an accomplished musician and even holds some Guinness World records. He has an amazing vision for the company, and energy and excitement to see it succeed.  We talked a lot about his entrepreneurial process on the show as well.

Enjoy Tommy's enthusiasm in this Operate Podcast conversation.  And thanks to show sponsor, Hunt Club. They help you find the best talent for your company, from their network of thousands of referral partners.

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