Maryam Rofougaran joined me on Accelerate OC and shared a great primer on 5G, for those curious to learn more about it and the many impacts and opportunities it will have.  She is at the forefront of it as the founder, Co-CEO and COO of Movandi Corporation, a local company with a mission to revolutionize 5G everywhere. They have raised over $50M for the company in the last 4 years, including $27M in April, during this pandemic.  Movandi is using a radically different approach that is yielding improvements in performance, coverage and latency, and their portfolio spans device level to systems, which they believe will drive efficiency and wider range of deployments. And they are committed to the broad economic benefits from a 5G enabled world.

Early in her career, she was a founder, board member and executive of Innovent Systems, which was acquired by Broadcom. She then spent several years at Broadcom as a senior executive before co-founding Movandi.  She talked about the journey during our conversation.  Very interestingly, she's founded both Innovent and Movandi with her brother, Reza.  They have deep ties and commitment to Orange County and Southern California.

Maryam has multiple engineering degrees from UCLA and it’s always great to connect with a fellow Bruin.

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