I was excited to have my longtime friends, Giorgi Chigogidze and Chris Steege with me on the podcast to discuss Purlin, their startup for personalizing the homebuying experience.  They try to address the #1 problem for potential buyers - finding the actual home to buy, making that easier, more personalized and aided by AI.

We met nearly 20 years ago at UCLA Anderson, where we were not only in the same class, but same section (Go, Section B). It was amazing to now be talking about Purlin all these years later. Both of these guys have had very successful careers in finance and advertising, which we discussed, as well as how they came together around this opportunity.  They’ve made great progress on Purlin, and are also navigating the startup journey and challenges as most startup founders do.  I appreciated how honest and reflective they were on their relationship and personal growth through this process.

Thanks to show sponsor, Hunt Club, as well - Hunt Club is a new category of search firm that leverages the power of relationships and referrals to find you the best talent. Their technology transforms thousands of subject matter experts into the world’s most powerful talent network, a network consisting of 10,000 trusted industry leaders that refer top talent nationwide to exciting positions. 

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