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Shawn was one of my most energetic guests. He is the co-counder and CEO of Givsum, a startup helping charities and service clubs to embrace the digital age.  He’s getting good traction and has an ambitious vision for the company, which we talked about in this episode.

Prior to Givsum, Shawn co-founded Future Leaders of Our Community here in Orange County, which he built into an organization that connected thousands of young professionals with each other and inspired them to get involved with many OC non-profits.  This work was very important to uncovering the opportunity for Givsum.

Shawn has a Masters in Divinity & Theology and was a pastor for a number of years earlier in his career, before the entrepreneurial fire led him to start Givsum.  He also has a background and undergraduate degree in radio broadcasting, so, in reality, he should be the one leading the discussion, instead of me.  He also has a great podcast series called American Philanthropy that you should check out.

Shawn is living the mantra of doing well by doing good, and is also one of the scrappiest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met.  We always have a lot to talk about! He is also committed to building his company here in Orange County and has tapped into some great local talent. I'm excited to be an investor in his company, and supporting his efforts to Accelerate OC.

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